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Basundi is a sweet, creamy milk pudding very popular in gujraat and Maharashtra. It can also be served as dessert after meal . use Milan basundi mix to create a zesty dish to round off a perfectly scrumptious meal .


Before you begin: 600 ml milk, saffron for garnishing and 4 tbsp . milan basundi mix

Boil 600 ml of milk for 5 min . add 4 tbsp milan basundi mix to it.  Stir the mixture well and simmer for another 7-8 min . no sugar needed. Let the mixture cool. Add a pinch of saffron for a classy flavor. Store in refrigerator for further cooling . Serve chilled. Certain seasonable fruit like sitafal , mango or strawberry and a distinct flavor to the basundi to suit your taste . basundi makes for a interesting asccompliment when served with crisp hot puris .

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