Chhole Masala


Punjabi Chhole is a gram specialty of Punjab. This popular delicacy is the best prepared with MILAN PUNJABI CHHOLE MASALA and is usually served with Bhaturas or Tandoori Rotis.



Used almost invariably in a variety of preparations involving chickpeas - chhole being the most popular. Served hot with rotis or fluffy bhaturas, chhole is a regular fare for lunch and dinner in North India.


REQUIREMENTS: 250 grams chole White Gram (Kabuli Chana), 4tbsp. Oil, ½ tbsp.. Cumin Seeds, 1 Tbsp. Milan Chili Powder, 1 Tomato, 2 Onions, ½ tbsp. Milan Turmeric Powder, 1 tbsp. Garlic paste 1 tbsp. Ginger paste, Bay leaves, ½ tbsp.. Milan Amchur Powder, Coriander Leaves, salt to taste, 50 grams Cream and 2 ½ tbsp. MILAN PUNJABI CHHOLE MASALA.

Soak Kabuli Chana overnight. Pressure cook it with salt. Heat 4 tbsp. Oil add Ginger and Garlic paste, ½ tbsp. Cumin seeds and Bay Leaves, Fry chopped Onions till golden brown. Add Milan Chili Powder Milan Turmeric Powder, the paste, finely chopped Tomatoes and MILAN PUNJABI CHHOLE MASALA. Fry well. Add ½ tbsp. Milan Amchur powder. Add the boiled channa to the above preparation. Add the cream. Add salt to taste, 2 Cups water and simmer for 10 minutes. Garnish with Coriander leaves. Serve Hot.

For added flavour add ½ tsp Milan Chhole Masala and Milan  Kasuri Methi.

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